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Consistent wind, “Meltemi” effect at Orkos beach guarantee endless fun in Naxos Island.


Mikri Vigla webcam

Live Webcam Mikri Vigla Naxos

The webcam is located at 10m on the Flisvos Kitecentre Naxos – Orkos Beach Hotel. The meteo station provides real time data on the actual wind in Mikri Vigla kite beach.

Datas are provided directly from our  Mikri Vigla meteo station.  The webcam is located on the Flisvos Kitecentre Naxos roof at 10m.

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The nice and sandy beach of Mikri Vigla is situated in a bay close leeward. The wind direction side-side on shore from the right (north) makes this bay a very safe place to start kitesurfing. The strength of the wind in generated by the high pressure on the mediterranean sea during the summer (may – october) and the local tradition give to this wind the name of Meltemi.
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