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Kitesurf Rentals

Want to ride the best gear?

For all our Kiteboarding Equipment and Rentals we use the famous Roberto Ricci latest models!


Equipment Rentals

Brand New & Latest Gear
You’re a kiter already experienced and you like to rent kitesurf equipment, please remember that for safety reason we rent kite and board only to IKO LEVEL 3 certified kiters.

Rental Qualification

If you don’t have a valid IKO certificate, you can ask to make an evaluation. The cost for the evaluation and certification from one of our IKO instructors is 40 euro. If you fail the evaluation no refund will be given.

RRD Colection

High Performance & Easy to Ride

Combining quality, technology, strength, and artisanal design that is functional and accessible to everyone in watersports from Roberto Ricci.




1 Hour € 40*
2 Hours € 60*
3 Hours € 80*
1 Day € 110*
2 Days € 190*
3 Days € 270*
4 Days € 350*
5 Days € 420*
6 Days € 480*
7 Days € 540*
8 Days € 600*
9 Days € 650*
10 Days € 700*
Every extra day plus € 40*


Rental Policy

Our rentals include: Brand New Equipment.

The equipment can be used only from the person who is renting it.

  • Only Kite is 70% of the prices.
  • Only Board is 50% of the prices.
  • The cost includes harness, wetsuit, life jacket and helmet.
  • No insurance on the equipment is provided

There is no refund at any case for unused kitesurfing rental time.

You can change gear (kite/board) within rental time for the current wind conditions.

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